Park for Nola
3718 st. Claude ave.
Opening Reception
Saturday March 9th

A Queer Park is a free form space that allows for unique experiences of serendipity  and community for a city. It is, in its design, an exploration into what a community park for the ever diverse LGBTQIA2S+ could look like in the southern ‘gay haven’ that is New Orleans. What does it look like to have all of our communities using this space? I wanted to try and envision what something like that could look like. This question came after many years of working around what queer visibility in public spaces looks like. Looking into what historically happens when we get together and decide on a space; what is the publics reaction, how did we do it, and who in the community was it for?

Please join us at our opening reception to an exhibition that will lay out more details on this exciting project.